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hoktauri in extreme_bigbang

Rules for the 2013 EXTREME BIG BANG!!!

Please note that rules are subject to revision until finalization on Oct. 6th.  All rules may be subject to change at mod discretion in the service of making the Extreme Big Bang run more smoothly and be more inclusive.

+What is an Extreme Big Bang?
The Extreme Big Bang began with the idea to have a big bang writing challenge that required a minimum of 100,000 words. It later expanded to include art and other mediums, each with similarly "extreme" participant requirements, which are listed below in the rules section.

+What are the rules?

1. All fandoms are allowed, as are original works. Crossovers, fusions, and RPF are all allowed.

2. All genres, pairings, characters, and ratings are allowed.

3. All participants are required to provide at least two forms of contact, and one of them must be an email address; others can be a Livejournal name, a tumblr name, a Dreamwidth name, etc.

4. All participants are required to join the Extreme Big Bang Help Community on Livejournal.  All posts and comments there will be flocked to members of the community so that you'll be able to speak freely there about your work without worrying if you're giving away too many spoilers to the larger fandom community.   Collaborative pair-up post will be on the Help Community for the same reason; in addition, all check-ins will occur on the Help Community, so access to the comm will definitely be necessary, even if you plan on working solo.

5. Due to the lengthy timeframe given to complete projects, extensions are given only in the case of an emergency issue that prevents a participant from posting within the given posting window.  Please note that the max extension is five days.

6. There are no penalties for dropping out of the EBB if you are a solo participant; however, if you are a collaborator, you must drop out before the deadline in order to remain eligible for future Extreme Big Bangs.

7. Collaborations go as follows: Author/Artist, Author/Author, or Artist/Artist.  For the first EBB, we are only considering collaborations of two persons max.  This rule may be revisited in future EBBs.

8. A collaboration of two authors or of two artists will only be required to collectively meet their minimums as a single unit.  This means that two authors working on a single work will only have to meet the 100K minimum word count, and not 100K individually to total 200K.

9. ALL CHECK-INS ARE MANDATORY. Each check-in contains a built-in buffer of one week so that everyone has a chance to check in at a time that is most convenient to them.  Check-in requirements are noted in the schedule of the EBB, and will be further detailed here before the finalization of the Rules and FAQs.

10. WARNINGS: All works must warn for the following contents: non-consensual sexual activity, dubious consent to sexual activity, underage sex (regardless of state of consent), graphic violence that goes beyond that typical of the source canon, self-harm, suicide or attempted suicide,  and non-canon character deaths.  You are not required to warn for deaths occurring as a part of the source canon.  Mods reserve the right to request warnings not otherwise stated here, on a case-by-case basis, if it is deemed necessary.  Additional warnings are at creator's discretion.  You may elect to place warnings under a spoiler cut or blackout text, so long as warnings remain a part of the header to your work.

11. Hosting: Extreme Big Bang will open a website for optional hosting, likely in the early days of the challenge after the sign-ups close.  Participants can elect to host their work on their own website if they so choose, or to post it to one of our vetted platforms: Archive of Our Own, Fanfiction.net, Deviantart, Dreamwidth, Livejournal, Wordpress/Blogspot blogs, 8tracks.com, YouTube, and Vimeo.  (Please note that Fanfiction.net does not allow explicit content.)  If you'd like to use a site not listed here, please contact us to request it to be placed on the list (there are a lot of sites out there that may be good to use, and we just haven't heard of them yet!).  You may also use tumblr, but we require that all work there be placed under a "read more" cut, with the headers and a brief preview visible above the line, in consideration of tag-surfers and trackers.  All previews above cuts must be safe for work.

12. And now, the rules!


Fanfiction requirements are 100,000 words making up a coherent singular story, having two beta readers,  and completion of mandatory check-ins (there will be four across ten months).  The story can be a part of a planned series or trilogy, as long as it can, in some respects, stand on its own; it can be a sequel.  It can be a series of interconnected stories revolving around the same protagonist, pairing, or theme within a single fandom (or a single instance of crossed or fused fandoms).  While this is a multifandom challenge, we do also accept original work.

What your writing cannot be is a collection of disparate works across different fandoms, with no or little connection. So five stories about Dean Winchester and the cases he worked solo when Sam was out of commission would be acceptable.  Five stories each about different characters from different fandoms with no connection would not be acceptable.  If you have further questions about whether your work would be eligible, please do not hesitate to ask.

Other forms of writing besides fiction will be accepted, some of which have different word minimums than for fiction.  The other forms accepted
are scripts/screenplays, meta (analysis of a canon's source text or an element of the source text), poetry, and podfic.  If you would like us to consider another written medium, please contact us to request it.

Scriptwriter requirements are one script of minimum 120 pages in standard film script format/structure OR three scripts of minimum 45 pages
in standard TV format/structure and having one beta reader. If you select the three-script requirements, all scripts must be within the same fandom or crossed/fused fandoms.  For scripts, it is not necessary to focus on the same character or pairing for all three but scripts must in some way be connected or sequential.

Meta requirements are 25,000 words and having one beta reader.  Meta can be a series based around a single character, theme or other element, but they must all be in the same fandom or in the same crossed/fused fandoms (for example, three separate looks at the Holmes and Sherlock relationship for Elementary, for BBC's Sherlock, and for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes would be acceptable).

Poetry requirements are 1,000 lines of text, having one beta reader, and clarifying the style/styles of poetry you are using. The meter and the word count constituting a single line of text is up to the author; however, short fiction that has been simply "broken up" into lines may be susceptible to rejection.  Entries can be a single poem or a series of poems connected over a theme in a single fandom or a single crossed/fused fandom.

Podfic requirements are 100,000 recorded words and having one beta listener.  The word requirement can be met across a series of podfic recordings, but all must be from the same fandom or the same crossed/fused fandoms (three SuperWhoLock recordings meeting the minimum is acceptable; three SuperWhoLock recordings + one Sherlock recording is not).


The requirements for artists are a little different here than in your average big bang.  For starters, artists can work alone, making graphic sets or vids or icon batches set around a general theme and a specific character or pairing, rather than claiming an author's work and creating art to support it.

There are three tiers for artist participation.  All artists must select one item from each of the three tiers to participate.  As an example, if you elected to make icons, and only icons, you would select the icon requirements from each tier.  Thus, you'd make 100 icons for tier 1, 100 icons for tier 2, and 100 icons for tier 3, for a grand total requirement of 300 icons.  Or, you could select icons for tier 1, fan vid for tier 2, and a graphic set for tier 3; keep in mind though that, if you are working solo, all art would need to follow your selected theme and the characters or pairings of your choosing.  Themes can be quite specific, such as gearing all art towards a certain color scale, or the development of a character by the clothes she wears; or, themes can be more broad, such as "season 4" or even "illustration of character A interacting with each of the other characters".  You can also create your own story with your artwork, telling it across one or more mediums.  Think of your theme as your story; feel free to be as inventive with your theme as you like!

Additionally, all artists must have a beta for their work.

If you are collaborating with an author, your work must reflect the story told by the author.  Whether or not the fic or the art comes first in deciding what to work on is between the author and the artist.  For example, an author may have a story in mind and the artist knows they only want to work with their fandom. So the artist's work would need to be inspired by and reflect the story told by the author.  Conversely, an artist may select a theme and detail to the author the artworks zie intends to create, and the author can craft a story around that theme and those characters.

Information about requirements for collaborative efforts are below.

Artist Tiers:

Tier 1:
+fanvid (> 3minutes)
+fanmix (12 songs)
+illustrations (8 pieces)
+graphics (8 pieces)
+icons (100)
+music (8 songs)

Tier 2:

+fanvid (> 3minutes)
+fanmix (12 songs)
+illustrations (8 pieces)
+graphics (8 pieces)
+icons (100)
+music (8 songs)

Tier 3:
+fanvid (> 3minutes)
+fanmix (12 songs)
+illustrations (8 pieces)
+graphics (8 pieces)
+icons (100)
+music (8 songs)

+As you may have noticed, each tier contains the exact same listing of items; we have divided the requirements into tiers to allow for art participants to create along multiple mediums if they so choose.

+Icons must be 100 x 100 pixels in size.  Minimum size for illustrations and graphics is 500 x 500 pixels.

+Minimums can be combined for one whole piece if you select the same medium from two or more tiers.  For example, if you select fanvid or fanmix from each tier, you can elect to make either three separate vids or mixes, or one combined vid (total of 9 minutes minimum) or one mix (total of 36 songs minimum), or some other similar combination (such as one fanvid of 3 minutes + one fanmix of 24 songs, for example).

+Artwork from each tier must follow the same fandom, theme, and character/pairing.

+For fanmixes, the minimum length for each song is one minute, with a total minimum length of 30 minutes.  Fanmixes must also include a front and back cover, either an illustration or a graphic image.  Music includes filk and songs parodying or commenting on a fandom or aspect of fandom; the minimum length of each song is two minutes, with a minimum length of 20 minutes.

+Illustrations include any visual art rendered by hand, as opposed to a digital manipulation or a photograph.  Graphics include any digitally manipulated image or photograph, such as banners, headers, and covers. Therefore, if you select graphics from one tier and illustrations from another, you must do a minimum 8 pieces of each medium.  Combinations such as nine illustrations and seven graphics would therefore not meet the minimum requirements.

+Comics art counts as illustration, so the minimum is 8 pages & 48 panels per tier.  Panels can be spread out over the pages in whatever number the artist prefers.


Requirements for artist/author collaborations are truncated slightly.  If you are an author/author pairing, you will only be required to write a minimum of 100,000 words between the two of you.  If you are an artist/artist collaboration, you will only be required to meet the minimums for an individual.  (So one person could make a fanvid, the other an icon batch, and both contribute to the creation of a fanmix--just as an example.)

IF you are an author/artist collaboration, only one of you must meet the above minimum requirements for the EBB; which one of you that is, will be up to you.  However, artists must still complete a minimum of one item from one tier, and wordsmiths must write/podfic a minimum of 25,000 words for their collaborative works; also, these artists, authors, and podficcers must have one beta.
Any further inquiries regarding collaborative efforts should be directed to one of the mods.

Please note: final acceptance of all entries is at the discretion of the mods.


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Ahem. Currently promoting the heck out of this to the twitter podfic community. I've been accused of being a horrible enabler; this is probably true. XD

Eeeeee! So exciting! And thank you for boosting the signal!

I've been meaning to reply to your PM, but I've been swamped with work and the behind-the-scenes stuff here. But now the banner is here! :D
Wondering what the requirements for comics art would be - it's illustration, but has a script, so. By # of pages, with min panels/page?
Oh, thank you for the good question! This is not something I considered yet.

Yes, comics art would count as illustrations. I would say, per tier, 8 pages minimum, with a minimum number of 48 panels across the 8 pages. (So you can do six per page, or you can do a different number of panels per page so long as the total panel count per 8 pages is 48 panels.)

Although you can argue that's too extreme or not extreme enough, and I can adjust the requirements accordingly. Let me know if you have further questions, or if you'd like further clarification.

SGA Newsletter - September 12, 2013

User neevebrody referenced to your post from SGA Newsletter - September 12, 2013 saying: [...] : Rules for the 2013 EXTREME BIG BANG!!! [...]
This looks awesome and I absolutely love the wide range of things accepted and how the minimum go.

Question to make sure I didn't miss something: all types of writing or words require beta, but does any of the art do? (I'd love to volunteer as an art beta for this challenge *3*)
Thank you! I'm very much looking forward to this challenge!

Of all the Bangs and such I've done art for, none has ever required a beta (though none of them have had such high requirements either...), so I'm not sure about requiring one here. I will consult my co-mods and see what they think.
Hi! I'm really excited about the idea of doing this--there's an extended project I've been kicking around in my head for some time, but I've never really committed to getting it done. This sounds perfect for giving me the incentive to do it.

The only thing is that I'm really nervous about the requirement to have *two* beta readers for fic. I mean, I would absolutely love to have two awesome beta readers for my stuff. But I'm planning on doing a Criminal Minds/Anita Blake Vampire Hunter fusion, which will include a few less-than-popular pairings. And I've had such a hard time finding beta readers in the past who are willing to take on a fandom they're not interested in.

Do you think the comm will be able to help me out with this? I work well with betas, but I'm just not good at finding them.

Thanks! :)
Hi! I'm really glad you're here and excited about this, as I am. :)

Re: betas, there is going to be a beta sign-up post that will be open throughout the duration of the challenge. I have already seen many people, both on LJ and tumblr, who're excited about offering to beta for the challenge. There are also multiple avenues (communities, anon memes, etc.) that offer help in finding betas, to which we will link in either one of our resources posts (coming within a week after sign-ups open) or on the beta help post at the Help Community.

While the three of us here modding this thing can't offer to beta everyone's work, we will do what we can to facilitate meetings between creators and betas.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions. :)

Edited at 2013-09-13 04:25 pm (UTC)
Okay first off I have to say this sounds like an awesome idea and I'm really excited for something like this.

My question is about the interconnected stories I have this idea of a Men in Black/Torchwood/the Avengers/Doctor Who idea where Ianto Jones and Phil Coulson join MiB after their 'deaths' and Donna Noble joins after she remembers her time with the Doctor and I hope to write an introduction story for all, how they came to be to MiB, how Donna regained her memories and of their first case with the MiB before their former teammates and the Doctor find out they are alive/remember them and attempt to 'rescue them'. All stories would be connected but I just wanted to make sure something like that would be accepted.

UH. That would not only be acceptable, I would want to read that. *ahem*

Carry on! :)
So there's one theme spread out among all three tiers or 3 separate themes?

Also, how general can the themes be? Would something like love or trust or winter or women be too general?

If the themes can be that general can they then have subsets for the three tiers? Eg... if I picked love as my theme could I do an icon set of family love, 8 illustrations of romantic/sexual love and a fanvid about characters who all love their cars/trucks/hats or whatever?
There should be one main theme among all three tiers, but subsets among tiers is acceptable.

Themes can be as broad or specific as you like, as long as there is a clear thread connecting all works.

Thank you for the questions! Let me know if you have more or need further clarification. I'll be sure to add these questions to the FAQs post.
argh! Actually one more question. If we sign up for something on a tier, are we allowed to change it? I'd really like to do a fanvid but I've never done one. I'm thinking this will inspire me to do it but again, I've never done one and it could be total fail. In that instance could I change to something else for that tier?
While you do have to state an intended medium or mediums at sign-up, you have until first check-in (so roughly two months) to finalize those choices.
Do you have to podfic your own work or you can read another author's work (with permission)?
As long as permission is in place (whether it's a blanket permission from the author to transform works or permission you sought on your own), you're welcome to podfic another author's work.

Edited at 2013-09-16 09:00 pm (UTC)
I'd really like to sign up as an artist because I think it will give me the excuse I need to actually complete the two vids I've got in my head, but I'm not really an artist and don't know what I'd do for the third tier. I do a lot of fancrafts for that fandom though. Any way I could maybe work that in somehow as art (if I take like a million photos of the work)?
I'm definitely willing to work with you on coming up with some minimum requirements for your craft. What sort of fancraft is it?
So, this looks like it is an awesome idea and I would love to participate! I've been wanting to try my hand at something new, and I think this would be the perfect opportunity for me to do so!

I just have one question as I didn't see it reading through the rules. Would my pairing of Canon/OFC be acceptable?
It sure would! So come on down and party! :D
Can collaborators actually co-write/co-create art?

For example, my friend and I have co-written stories and created fanmixes to go along with them. If we wanted to do that again, would one of us sign up for art and one sign up for fic? In that case, does it matter if I write some of the required words or she does some of the art work?
Yes, you can co-create, and it doesn't matter if only one or both of you sign up; as long as one person is signed up, the other can be added during the collaboration stage (which begins after sign-ups close).

You can both set out to meet the minimums as author and as artist, but just remember that you must only meet one of them. So you can do 100K and one tier of artwork, or you can do three tiers of artwork and 25K. Or you can do both 100K and all three tiers of artwork. That part is up to you!
I think this is where to ask this? I'm a comics writer, but I work without an artist (for now). Could I write a script for a graphic novel without accompanying art, if it was a total of 120 pages of comic (or 3 issues, I haven't decided)?
Yes, that would be fine.

Who knows--maybe you'll meet a collaborator here who'd like to do the art! :)
So, I'm not sure where the line between illustration and graphic is. Like, if I create a map of something on photoshop and some of it is using say textures found online and some of it drawn is that illustration or graphic?


I would consider that a graphic considering it isn't drawn from so much as extreme colour altering and manip stuff?

So, clarification on where the dividing line is would be useful so I know how to organise things
If you are creating a piece by hand, whether or not you use technology to accomplish that, I would call it an illustration.

However, if you are rendering a pre-made image to look like it's been drafted by hand (which is what I think this is; correct me if I'm wrong), then I'd count it as graphics.

The lingo isn't so much the issue; it's more to avoid having a single piece of time-consuming work alongside a few manips that have been flung off in an hour or two. If you do the same thing you've described for eight pieces, I wouldn't worry about what you decide to label it.

I hope that clarifies things! Let me know if you have further questions.
Hi! I'm...confused, unfortunately. I think I might have misread or misunderstood something, but are writers allowed to post their works to their AO3 account or something of the sort even before the deadline/finishing them/turning them in? Like posting them as chaptered fics? Generally that isn't a big bang thing, but this isn't exactly the most conventional of big bangs and I think I caught some kind of reference to being able to post even before finishing the fic somewhere. Did this even make sense? Ah, I'm sorry!

Edited at 2013-09-19 03:15 am (UTC)
No, writers are not allowed to post anything before the deadline/posting date, or it will not count as part of the challenge. They're also not allowed to post unfinished work (100K of fic with no ending yet, for instance).

Writers are, however, allowed to post to AO3 or any other account they wish, during the posting time, provided they post a masterpost at the EBB comm to direct others to their work.

I hope that answered your questions! Let me or one of the other mods know if you have any others. And happy writing!
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