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Schedule for the 2013 EXTREME BIG BANG!!!

Hello, and welcome to the first year of the Multifandom Extreme Big Bang! Your friendly mods are hoktauri and gwyneth_valora. In this challenge, participants from all fandoms sign up for the task of writing 100,000 words over the course of ten months. Artist minimums will be announced with the Rules post on or before 12 September, but be aware they will be equally EXTREME!!! :D

Please note that all check-ins are mandatory (there are four over the ten-month period) and will require you to turn in samples or summaries of your work so far.

2013 Schedule

September 9-12: FAQs and Rules/Instructions posts go live; Help Community (at extreme_bbhelp) opens posts for brainstorming, cheerleading, research help, etc.

September 15: Sign-ups Open

September 20: Resources posts go up (at least one for authors and one for artists)

October 13: Sign-ups Close

October 13: Author/Artist collaboration post goes up.

November 10: Author/Artist collaborations finalized; authors and artists may also elect to work solo, without accompanying work to compliment theirs. Note that word counts and artist minimums remain the same for multiple authors or multiple artists.

December 8-14: PRELIMINARY CHECK-IN - This will involve a comment to note your continued participation.

January 12-18: SECOND CHECK-IN - a 500-word outline/summary is due for authors or a 100-word summary of theme/focus for artists. Alternatively, a thematic sampling/sketch/portion of art (indicating cohesive theme to the work) can be submitted.

February 9: HALFWAY MARK!!! Fun games and activities will be posted during the month of February to kickstart any stalled creativity and to encourage community.

March 9-15: THIRD CHECK-IN - first 5000 words of fic are due as part of check-in. For artists, a sample sketch/batch/portion will be required, depending on your chosen medium.

April 13: ROUGH DRAFTS DUE At least 60% of your project must be completed by this point. ("Rough draft" will be further defined for authors and artists in the Rules post coming this week.)

May 11-17: FOURTH AND FINAL CHECK-IN - NO requirements other than a statement of your progress; this is also the penalty-free DROP-OUT DEADLINE.

June 8: Probably some cheerleading for the final push will occur around this date.

July 6: Completed, final products due.

July 27: Posting goes live! At this point, if you've elected to host your work yourself, you will have ONE WEEK to upload your work to one of the vetted platforms and make a masterpost to the community page. All others will be hosted at the upcoming website, uploaded and made public by the mods (or other site maintainer) on this date.
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