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hoktauri in extreme_bigbang

FAQs for the 2013 EXTREME BIG BANG!!!


+What are the penalties for dropping out after the deadline?

None, if you are working solo.  If you are collaborating with another author or artist and only you drop out, you will be banned from participating for one year.  If both parties of a collaboration drop out together, there will be no penalty.  The idea is that, if you leave someone else hanging, you get the penalty.

+Is there anything else that can get me banned from the Extreme Big Bang?

Yes, there are a couple of things.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated, so don't do it.  You will be banned from all further EBB challenges if you steal someone else's work.

If you are in any way belligerent or blatantly disrespectful of the mods or of other participants, you will also be banned from all further EBB challenges.  We don't ask that you never criticize, but you must do it constructively.  In simple terms, don't be an asshole.

+Do I need to have a Livejournal account to participate?

Yes, as you must have a Livejournal account (or an OpenID through a Dreamwidth account) in order to join the Extreme Big Bang Help Community.

+I'm doing art. Do I need to give credit for my sources?

Yes.  Not giving credit will fall under the terms of plagiarism and you will be banned from further participation.

+What is the age limit for the underage warning?

Any work with a character under the age of 16 who is involved in a sexual situation requires the underage warning label.

+I'd like to create a trilogy of fanvids and focus on one character, but I want to show them in different pairings for each vid.  Is something like this acceptable?

Yes, that is acceptable.  All work must stay within a single fandom, or a single fusion or crossover.  The focus can be on either a single character or a single pairing/threesome/moresome.  For example, if you list your focus for your art as Stiles Stilinski, you are more than welcome to show him with Allison Argent in one piece, with Peter Hale in another piece, and as single in a third piece.

+I'd like to do a theme revolving around a grouping of characters.  Is it still necessary to select a single character as my focus?
No, not in this case.  If, for example, you'd like to do a theme involving the treatment of women in Stargate, it would be expected that you would put equal focus on multiple character.
+Does a pairing have to be a sexual or romantic relationship?
Not at all!  It can be a friendship or a team relationship; it can also be family.

+Can I write in a language other than English?

Yes!  All we require is that you include the header information in your master post in, alongside the language of your choice.

+Is work based on an extended RP allowed?

That depends, but the short answer is yes. If you're using the RP as a jumping off point or as headcanon for your work, then that's perfectly acceptable. As long as no more than 15% of your finished EBB project has been previously published online before, the you've got a green light. For example, if you take a substantial amount of your RP and use it as dialogue between characters, and that dialogue amounted to 25,000 words on its own, it would not be eligible. At that point, you could cut the previously published dialogue down to 15,000 words or less to make it permissible in the challenge.

+How does claiming work?

The Multifandom Extreme Big Bang works a little differently than other Big Bangs, in that there is no claiming. Instead, authors and artists are permitted to collaborate as they wish, with whomever they wish, or they may work solo.

+I'm the regular beta to a writer/artist/podficcer participating. Do I need to sign up as a beta?

No, that's not necessary, unless you're also willing to offer services to other participants. The sign-up post for betas is simply for there for people who wish to offer beta services and aren't attached to a participant already.

+I have a work I started for another challenge but I had to drop out.  Can I resume work on this project for the EBB?

All works should be made specifically for this challenge.  If a work has been posted previously, either in part or in whole, elsewhere, it will not be eligible for the challenge.  If you created an insignificant portion of the work (15% or less) before sign-ups opened, you may resume work on it as part of the EBB challenge.  For artists, that is roughly half of one item in one tier.

+What are the penalties for missing a mandatory check-in?

You will simply be dropped from the current challenge.  You will not be banned from further challenges.  Please note that mods will make an effort to contact participants within the latter part of the check-in window, as a reminder to check-in.

+I have an issue with one of the other participants.  What should I do?

All good faith effort should be made on your part to resolve conflict before bringing it to the mods.  However, if this is an issue involving plagiarism or bullying, please bring it to the mods' attention immediately.

+What if I already know who I wish to collaborate with at sign-up?  Do we still need to sign up separately?

Yes.  You both need to sign up individually in order to keep track of all participants.  You will also both need to become members of the EBB Help Community.

+I just signed up for the Extreme Big Bang!!! Now what?

Now you get to work!! If you already have your collaborative partner or if you know you'll be working solo, don't hesitate to get started.  You will receive email confirmation of your sign-up before sign-ups close, or within a week of close if you sign up towards the end of the window.

+Can I volunteer to beta?

Of course!  There will be a beta sign-up post alongside the author/artist post where you can offer your services as a beta.  The sign-up post will also be open for the entire challenge.  You do not need to have a Livejournal in order to beta, but you will need to provide two forms of communication for contact from participants.  The mods will not seek out a participant to pair you up with, but we may contact you if we find a participant in need of a beta.

+What will be required at check-in?

All check-ins will require a simple statement of your progress so far, along with the fandom, character, pairing, theme, etc. you will be using.  Text blocks will provide you with a template of necessary information to cover in your comment to the check-in post.

The second check-in will also require a summary of your work.  Writers must submit either a 500-word summary or a 1% sample of the work.  Artists must submit either a 100-word summary or any size sample of each work from each tier.

The third check-in will require, in addition to the comment to the check-in post, 5% sample of work from writers and 50% of one tier of work from artists (for example, half one fanmix, or 6 songs and a front cover).

The fourth and final check-in occurs after rough drafts are turned in, and coincides with the drop-out deadline.  For the fourth check-in, you will simply state your progress or drop out if necessary.

+What is the rough draft and when is it due?

The rough draft is essentially 60% of your completed work.  For writers, this can be either the first 60,000 words of your fic, or it can be a complete 60,000 word fic that you intend to expand to the 100,000 word mark.

For artists, 60% is either two tiers fully completed OR one tier fully completed and two tiers half completed

If you have any further questions, please ask!  You can either comment directly to a post or message a mod via LJ, through the tumblr blog, or via email at extremebb.mod@gmail.com.

+I'd like to create a type of work that isn't listed here.  How does that work?

Simply contact the mods, and we will determine minimums for the type of work you'd like to create and add it to the Rules post.

+How will finding a collaborator work, if I don't already know someone to work with?

There will be a collaboration-seeker post in the Help Community that will go live after sign-ups close.  In this post, those seeking either a partner or
someone to create accompanying work can find someone  with similar fandom interests to work with.

+What if I don't find anyone to collaborate with me via the Help Community?

You are permitted to find a partner after sign-ups close, but please remember that you will be solely responsible for check-ins and for meeting the minimums of the challenge, as you will be the only one officially signed up, although your partner will be allowed to join the Help Community for cheerleading and resources.  Partners who have not signed up (heretofor referred to as "tag-alongs") must still meet the truncated minimums if part of an author/artist collaboration.

+I'm not sure where to post.  What do you recommend?

If you wish not to elect for the mods to host your work on the EBB website, we recommend AO3 for fiction, poetry, and podfics; deviantart or personal journals/blogs for visual art; 8tracks for fanmixes; Vimeo for fanvids; and tumblr or personal journals/blogs for meta.  You may also elect to host your work on multiple sites, so long as all links are provided.

+When do I post my complete work?

If you are posting work to your site/journal/other account, there will be window of one week (beginning 2014 July 27) wherein you'll be required to post your work to one of the platforms and create a masterpost on the community page with links to your work.

A template for the masterpost will be made available before posting begins.


Minor typo - your posting date requires amendment.
Oh my god. I don't even wanna admit how long it took me to figure out what was wrong. :/

Thank you for pointing it out!!
I have a question :)

Would creating a moodtheme be allowed as one of the types of art for an artist? There are 132 pictures in a moodtheme, but they don’t necessarily have to be 100x100px @ LJ.
Yes, a moodtheme would be acceptable for one of the tiers. :)

Thanks for the question! I hadn't considered moodthemes yet.
Thank you :)

Sorry I'm probably being a bit thick as I've not used LJ much in a while, but how do I join the Extreme Big Bang Help Community?
There's a link on this page for the Help Community; once there, hit "join the comm" at the top, which will take you to a " request to join" page. Go ahead and request to join, which will be approved by the mods once you've signed up for the Big Bang (unless you've already done that).

Let me know if you run in to any problems!
Thank you, Was being a bit blind there! XD

Have just signed up as a beta :)
Excellent! Thank you! :D
What are the podfic requirements, for each check-in? (That is, how much of my podfic do I need to have done to show the mods at each point...and do you need the audiofiles, or will a screencap from GarageBand be acceptable?)
Similar examples of your progress would be required, so for the second and third check-ins, screencaps of your recording progress would be sufficient. For the rough and final drafts, we would need audiofiles (whether that be downloads or access to a way to listen to it online is up to you).

First and fourth check-ins require simply a statement from the participant as to the level of progress, so nothing extra would be required there.

Happy recording! Let us know if you have any further questions.
I was thinking of signing up to write a series of interconnected stories, but the series is based off of one that is already posted.

It says above: All works should be made specifically for this challenge.

I'm wondering if mine will still work? As long as I write 100k in the series, does it matter that it's based off something else I already posted?
If each story can stand on its own as a story, that would be fine. For example, writing parts 2, 3, & 4 of a series for the challenge would be acceptable.

Your first part of the series would not count as part of the challenge, so whatever parts you add to the series would need to total at least 100K to meet the required minimum.

Let us know if you have any more questions!


Hi! I was wondering what happens if I sign up as an artist but then I can't find an author to collaborate with. Can I drop out if I don't find someone during the collaboration-seeker post?

Re: Question...

You can either drop out if you like, or you can create art on your own! Collaboration is optional is the Extreme Big Bang. :)

Re: Question...

I didn't see this answered anywhere else, so I figured I'd ask.

I'm a member on gsd_rtfn which encourages writing every day for a week. And they have an option to share snippets of what you're working on and some hosts also ask you to share summaries, if you're allowed. Some mods for the big bangs also only allow snippets or summaries of 100 words or less.

What are the rules here for sharing snippets and/or summaries?

Part of my question was answered here in the comments section, but I was wondering... if I wrote my EBB in parts, which is seeming more and more likely, is there a minimum/maximum to the amount of parts a fic/series is allowed to have?
Nope, no maximums or minimums! All parts just need to be connected as a series & add up to at least 100K words.
What's the procedure for dropping out? I read the Rule and FAQ posts and didn't see this addressed; apologies if I missed it.
Aw, I'm sorry to hear that you are (or may be?) dropping out. :(

The procedure is to let a mod know somehow that you're dropping out, in whatever way is most convenient to you. So if you'd like to drop out, I can count this as notification? Or is this more a "just in case" type of question?
Sadly, yes. Events have taken a handful of unexpected turns since sign-up, and the timing just isn't going to work out this time. I'll aim for next year. *wry grin*

Do I need to leave the help comm? Or do you handle that behind the scenes?

I can remove you if you haven't already left the comm. Either way!
I just want to confirm someone: so for rough draft (since I'm a writer, collaborating with a podficcer), I technically only need to have 30k words written, right? Since 60% of 50k = 30k words.

(I'm in the middle of moving right now and won't really be able to do more than that.)